Your fingers variate in circumferences during the day, seasons and years to come. While some experience more swollen fingers in the morning, some experience them later during the day. On top, your hands are not perfectly symmetric. While right-handers tend to have bigger fingers on the right hand, left-handers have bigger fingers on their left hand.

Heavy and wide rings, which most of our rings are, tend to enhance the swelling. Let us put that into two pictures.



First, YES those are german sausages as visual reference. Left is your finger unswollen and on the right the finger is swollen.

So how can we make sure that our ring stays comfortable over the days and years to come while still providing a good fit?


At SKRUD our solution for this problem is our F#-IT concept. This fit concept is working with our iconic product names and integrate these names into the inside (shank) of the rings. The wording defines the size of the the ring and provides the fit while the recess space around the wording allows the finger to expand during wearing.

Let us explain you this fit concept again on a visually example where we compare a traditional ring to a SKRUD ring (no sausages this time, we promise).



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