About Us

“A great product is defined by its unique aesthetics, feel, sustainability and, most importantly, its emotional connection with the consumer”
SKRUD Psalm 2

Est. 2022


The story of SKRUD began in 2018, when our founder Konstantin was living and working in New York. Being used to wearing bold styles, he had a hard time connecting with jewellery. He tried many pieces of jewellery, but always lacked a reason to buy them.

Most of the designs lacked character and meaning that he could relate to. They were beautiful pieces of jewellery, no questions asked, but most of them were just that. The filigree designs didn’t make him want to buy them.

During his travels to Los Angeles, Tokyo and Madrid, he found more and more jewellery from many different brands. Some were in line with the aesthetic he was looking for and had meanings, but those meanings didn’t connect with our founder as most of them came from a biker/rock background.

The question Konstantin asked himself after all these experiences: Where are the brands he can relate to? Brands that not only create beautiful pieces of jewellery, but also give each one of them a meaning? With a connection to a culture he can identify with?

And the biggest: Why wasn’t there a brand that made it easier for him to enter the exciting world of wearing jewellery?

These are the big questions that we at SKRUD ask ourselves and that we consistently answer with our products. As a result, all our products have a story behind them, with the aim of creating an emotional connection with you.

At SKRUD we believe this is the key to bringing the beauty of jewellery to more people.

The Team

We may be small, but we run on passion. We work with consultants for production and quality control, but the show is run by our founder Konstantin Münzinger. Having worked as a professional shoe designer in Germany, America and Vietnam since 2013, he brings a wide range of skills to the table, all of which go into the making of SKRUD.

Konstantin Münzinger

Founder of SKRUD


Tough everything goes through one person, our founder Konstantin, family and friends are involved in creating SKRUD:
Susi, Lena, Leo, Thomas, Merle, Laura, Andrew, Peter M, Danz, Marius, Timur, Sophie, Christoph, Jan, Peter G and the rest we forgot to mention … :

This all wouldn’t exist if you weren’t there.

Thank you all for your support and beeing part of the SKRUD family